Eastern emeralds

Eastern Emeralds is a unique five-reel casino slot machine, offering the same high quality play as its forerunner, the World’s Best slots. The differences come in the way the machine operates and how it interacts with the casino’s random number generator. Eastern Emeralds operates similarly to other slot machines in that it asks the gamer to strike a series of buttons, and then follow a path drawn out by the machine. The outcome of these buttons is contingent upon the button strike.

Unlike all other video slot reels, this particular one offers the player four “reels” instead of the standard three. Each of these reels corresponds to a different letter on the machine menu which corresponds to a number on the corresponding video slot reel. This means that there are ten “reels” instead of the usual nine. The layout of the screen consists of a wheel with two circles surrounding the center. To hit an “E”, you must circle one of the circles. This is just like any other video slot machine, with the exception that the outcome of your spins on the reels is determined by the letters on the icons on the screen.

When you place your bet, you will notice that your line will increase when you hit an “E”. Once you have accumulated at least six coins, the game will result in another “E” circle to be struck, and your total points for the round will increase. Once all of the reels have been struck, the game will end and your points are added together. When this video slot machine is “bled”, it will continually bling until it runs out of reels or you manually stop the game. When this occurs, a new wheel will be drawn and the video slot will have to start over from the beginning. Be sure to read the game instructions before playing this slot machine!


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