Fresh fruits

Fresh Fruits Slot is an old-school fruit based slot machine that still enjoys a great many loyal players. This version features a basic matching game where a player needs to match a variety of icons on the screen with those in the playing area to earn points and cash. The fresh fruits slot is suitable for players who want to play a simple, straightforward and easy slot machine game that is suitable for both beginners and experts.

The fresh fruits slot machine follows a typical casino design, which is made up of a square screen divided into four quadrants. To start the game, the gamer will stand in one of the four corners of the square screen and rotate the device to direct the rays of light coming from behind the slot’s edges to hit the icons. When a hit is made, a red dot will be shown on the screen and the amount of points accumulated by that icon will depend on the direction and speed of the light beam hitting the slot. There are five categories that the gamer can choose from to increase his winning chances and this includes the jackpot, best bet, regular bet, combination bet and slot combination.

This version has a simple layout with a black and white background. The graphics are made to appear as though they have been taken straight out of a traditional palm pilot video slots machine. Some of the icons used for the hot and cold spots are also similar to the icons used on video slots. A minor feature that can be found in this slot machine is the inclusion of a small picture of a fruit above the reels where the player may well choose from.


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