Juice’n’fruits, which was a well-known slot machine manufacturer in the 90’s has fallen on hard times in the last year or so. While they were good at the beginning, when everyone was playing slots, it seemed as though they just could not compete with all of the other slot machine manufacturers out there that stuck together and started a price war. They quickly lost most of their customers to other manufacturers and their market dried up overnight. However, they still produce top quality slots and bonus game machines for those that want them.

Today, Juice’n’fruits is mainly a distributor of high quality fruit based casino slot games and they are still a company that are worth looking into for your next casino slot game. They are also good at creating unique promotional items such as bumper stickers and key chains. However, their main business is the sale of top slots and bonus games from their retail stores and website. If you are interested in trying one of their high quality fruit based casino slot games, you might be interested in trying the Juice’n’fruits “Reveal” Bonus slot machine. This particular machine offers a minimum of three bonus coins in addition to regular casino slot play money. It is probably best suited for people who enjoy playing casino slot games but do not like to collect specific types of merchandise.

This company also has several other different kinds of gaming options besides their fruit based slots including their highly successful healthy drink options and their many high quality mobile slot options. Their healthy drink option sells Juice’n’fruits Mango on its website for around $2.99 each and the Mango is a fruit exclusive to Juice’n’fruits that offers users a tasty snack option for their slots. Their mobile slot games are a top seller among mobile casino gaming fans, and they have a number of different highly popular mobile games including the popular Candyland game. If you enjoy playing casino slot games but do not necessarily collect specific types of merchandise, Juice’n’fruits might be a good choice for you.


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