Juicy booty

The Juicy Booty brand is known for bringing a sexy and sassy attitude to the fashion industry with its high-heeled and skinny jeans that look like they’re made from spring time. This is evident in many of Juicy’s recent campaigns, including their very popular “Chick Flix” underwear line. This latest campaign, however, takes this attitude a few notches up by allowing the brand to put its own twist on the classic casino slot game. The result?

The newest “Chick Flix” commercial, which you can find online and on TV, features Juicy in all her glory – in full Juicy booty (in the video, Juicy is shown in the nude), in a scene straight out of a porno movie, and on top of all other sexy and sensuous poses, she’s also dancing. This is a sight to behold, as Juicy is clearly one of the more athletic characters in the video, with her sleek, athletic body and the confidence behind it. It’s no wonder that the “Chicks” love her, as they do most anything with Chris Brown’s name attached to it.

This commercial is simply fantastic. Not only does Juicy have one of the best looks on the girl next to her, but she also manages to seduce the viewer with her sassiness and sense of humor. The entire commercial is just over an hour long, which is already great, considering how long she spends on her bike in the video. One must assume, though, that with any video featuring someone as sultry and sexy as Juicy, there is going to be some nudity. But when done tastefully, this is just par for the course for Juicy Boots. For those who are looking for the best of both worlds with their sexy image and music, then they will love this commercial for sure!


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